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What to visit in Calabria

Villages and old towns:

Sant'Andrea Jonio


Sant ’Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio, founded in the 10th century, is a center of great tourist attraction which preserves a very important historical, landscape and naturalistic heritage. From the historical center it is possible to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Gulf of Squillace. Among the monuments to visit, we certainly recommend the campo church with its Byzantine frescoes, the clock tower, and the church of Sant’Andrea.

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Badolato Borgo


Badolato is a village of Byzantine origins born for defensive purposes as confirmed by the walls of the stately castle dating back to the XII century, over time it became an important point of reference for the surrounding areas. Today is a stop not to be missed: the village is rich in historical stays and for some years it has been chosen as a holiday destination by tourists from all over Europe.

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Serra San Bruno

Serra San Bruno

Serra San Bruno is an ancient village in the heart of the Calabrian Serre, with verdant grasslands, flourishing pastures and centuries-old woods: the ideal place to shelter from the summer heat. The first houses were built to house the workers who worked for the monks of the Charterhouse. It takes its name from Bruno of Cologne who decided to erect here the famous Charterhouse, one of the most important places in the world for Catholic asceticism.

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Cattolica di Stilo


Stylus Bulwark of Byzantine Calabria, Stilo has a long and mysterious history, which began at the time of the Greek colonies in southern Italy, and made even more fascinating by the establishment of numerous “degrees” of Eastern monasticism whose main testimony is the Catholic, here the Basilian monks who had found refuge from persecution pursued their ideal of poverty and detachment from the world.

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Le Castella

Le Castella

Le Castella is a well-known tourist center on the Saracen Coast, included in the Capo Rizzuto Marine Reserve, in the province of Crotone. The symbol of the city is the 15th century Aragonese castle located on an islet connected to the shore by a thin strip of sand. It is said that the island of Calypso described by Homer in his Odyssey, would be located right in the vicinity of the current village.

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Bivongi - Cascate del Marmarico


Located in the Stilaro Valley, it is today known for the production of the DOC Bivongi wine and for the presence of important tourist attractions such as: the Monastery of San Giovanni Theristis of orthodox rite, testimony of Byzantine and Norman Latin architecture; the Marmarico Falls, which with their 114 meters are the highest of the Serre; Bagni di Guida, thermal spa and hydroelectric power station built in the early 1900s.

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Castello di Squillace


Founded by the inhabitants of the coast, fleeing the invasions of the Saracens, since the sixth century it hosted the two most important cultural and religious institutions “the Vivarium” also called “the first University of Europe”, and the “Castellanese”, a center of contemplation and prayer. Today it preserves well its medieval structure and its monumental jewels starting from the Norman Castle up to the Cathedral in neoclassical style.

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Parco Archeologico di Scolacium


The Scolacium Archaeological Park preserves, in the shade of centuries-old olive trees, ancient buildings from the Greek-Roman, Norman and various archaeological finds of considerable historical and artistic interest. It houses the Roccelletta di Borgia, basilica dedicated to Santa Maria della Roccella. The Roman Theater is also of significant importance. The park also becomes the stage for important artistic and musical cultural events.

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Spiaggia di Sant'Andrea


The pristine beach, with white granite sand, is deep and rich with wild wildlife and spontaneous vegetation such as marine lilies. It was the nesting site for Caretta-Caretta turtles and in 2006 it ranked 3rd in the census of the Places of the Heart of Fai which together with Legambiente, WWF and Italia Nostra proposed a path of enhancement and conservation.

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Spiaggia di Caminia


Caminia beach is among the most beautiful and popular beaches in Calabria. It is a long beach enclosed between two high cliffs. From the beach proceeding by sea it is possible to reach the beach of the Grotta di San Gregorio (where the relics of San Gregorio Taumaturgo would have arrived) while near the beach you can admire the remains of the Byzantine church of Panaja.

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Spiaggia di Pietragrande


Pietragrande beach is located in the municipality of Montauro, on the stretch of coast known as the Costa degli Aranci. The beach, nestled between two panoramic cliffs, is characterized by sand mixed with gravel. The sea is blue with turquoise hues, the seabed is gravelly and slopes rapidly. There are two establishments, the rest is a free beach, served by two kiosks. Perfect times to visit it are June and July.

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Spiaggia di Soverato


Soverato, called “the pearl of the Ionian”, is one of the most beautiful places on the Ionian coast, as well as being one of the most important tourist centers in the region. Its beach is the setting for what can be considered a natural port. For the most part it consists of an equipped beach which can be accessed from the promenade where there are many beaches and night clubs. For nature lovers we recommend the north beach.

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Nature attractions and outdoor activities:

Parco delle Serre

Parco delle Serre

Riserva delle Valli Cupe

Valli Cupe

Parco della Sila

Parco della Sila

Area Marina Protetta

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